Maped Creativ !

Creativ activities for children from 1 to 10 YO !

Our Mission

Encourage children to create the stories they have in mind & play with their creations!

Your Creations

Share with us the amazing creations of your mini artists!

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Early Age

 Discover creative sensory activities from an early age.

Mini Box

Explore colours, materials & gives life to your creations.

Board Activities

Create, draw, erase & start again… Learn & have fun!

Color & Play

Colour & create your own games to play with your family.

Check out our DIY activities to download!

3D Paper Globe Decorations

Make your own decorative paper globes! Colour in the mandala patterns inspired by brightly coloured Mexican folk art and then transform it into a beautiful 3D decoration!

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Create your own colourful masks

Have fun making your own personalised masks with your children 🎭 Choose from a fox, superhero and a Mexican mask. Get creative with your family and show us your funny masks! Step 1: Download the templates to create your personalised masks. You can also download...

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Your creations

Child creativity has no limits…

Share with us the creations of your mini artists!