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Encourage children to create the stories they have in mind & play with their creations!

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 Discover creative sensory activities from an early age.

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Explore colours, materials & gives life to your creations.

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Create, draw, erase & start again… Learn & have fun!

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Colour & create your own games to play with your family.

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Lesson Plan – What’s in a Box? – Secondary

Title: What's in a Box? Grade Rage: Secondary   A fun and unique lesson to get your students thinking outside the box to enhance the inside product!   Download the lesson plan in .pdf here   Objectives: Demonstrates a willingness to experiment and innovate to pursue...

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Lesson Plan – Radial Design – Secondary

Title: Radial Design Grade Rage: Secondary   Download the lesson plan in .pdf here   Materials: Helix Angle & Circle Maker [36002] Helix Circle Ruler [36001] Maped Unbreakable 12” Ruler [245649] Maped Essentials Triangular Graphite #2 Pencils [851779ZT] Maped...

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Lesson Plan – Fun with Fonts – Secondary

Title: Fun with Fonts! Grade Rage: Secondary   Calligraphy can be fun with a few ideas, a goal in mind, and a little ...or... lot of practice!   Download the lesson plan in .pdf here   Objectives: The student will experience and develop control of drawing tools...

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Your creations

Child creativity has no limits…

Share with us the creations of your mini artists!