Maped Creativ: hands full of adventures


Encourage your children to create!

What fun-filled and innovating activities would you choose for your kids? You’ll find exactly what you need with the Maped Creativ collection, dedicated to manual activities, starting from 1 year old.

Offer the fun of creating and playing together!

Drawing, play dough, puzzles, objects to personalize… Choose the kit adapted to each child so they can make unique creations with their own hands, then, have fun with them, imagining stories and games to enjoy with all the family.

Maped Creativ boxes are ingenious!

Not only are these boxes appealing and stimulating, they’re also super practical, and contain all the accessories needed: templates, materials, objects to personalize.

Maped’s expertise as a bonus!

No doubt you already like Maped’s products for their quality, innovation, design and usability? With the Maped Creativ collection, your children’s creative activities will combine the same advantages.

Discover our Creativ products!

Early Age

 Discover creative sensory activities from an early age.

Mini Box

Explore colours, materials & gives life to your creations.

Board Activities

Create, draw, erase & start again… Learn & have fun!

Color & Play

Colour & create your own games to play with your family.