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Origami Christmas tree – DIY

Make your own origami Christmas tree and add a touch of ‘home-made’ to your home! 🎄

Christmas is fast approaching. It’s time to put up the decorations and greet the guests with a table dressed with beautiful origami fir trees.

A DIY activity which is easy to make and which gathers young and old for the Christmas preparations! 🎁

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Adapted Art Through The Microscope

Some kids have difficulty creating art work using the same art tools as their peers due to physical or other challenges. By using adapted art tools that are larger, easier to grip and have adjustable features, this lesson present various ways for all students to...

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Halloween Frankenstein Project

Many of us know about Frankenstein, but few know the actual story of Frankenstein. The basic overview of the story was that, Victor Frankenstein, who was a scientist,  wanted to create life itself. So he stitched together parts from dead bodies of criminals executed...

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