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Discover the Maped Creativ DIY

Back to School Labels

With the new school year fast approaching it's time to prepare your children for back to school and the new term ahead. Try this fun and simple activity with your children to personalise and decorate back to school name tags for their school books! 1-  Download the...

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Wonder of Snowflakes – Lesson Plan

Title: Wonder of Snowflakes Type: Crayon Resist Art Lesson Grade Rage: K - 5   A fun and easy-to-execute lesson plan great for young students that explores simple crayon resists and watercolor painting!   Download the lesson plan in .pdf here   Materials: Maped...

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Illuminated Letters – Lesson Plan

  Title: Illuminated Letters Type: A lesson in creative lettering Grade Rage: 6 - 12   A scalable lesson plan great for intermediate to advanced students discussing the development of lettering over the years that is easy to adapt to whatever topic or age range is...

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