Where can I find Maped Creativ products?

Our collection of creative leisure activities for children is just starting out; it’s in its first year of existence! This is why for the moment we can’t provide you with a precise database of stockists. You can find our products in specialist toy stores, in large stores and on the internet. To send us a mail, use this link.

Are Maped Creativ products safe for my child?

Maped Creativ products are designed to present no risk for the children who they are designed for. They comply with the requirements of European Directive 2009/48/EC relating to the safety of toys during all stages of their manufacture and bear CE marks. Before appearing in stores, our products are subject to a conformity testing procedure. This procedure is carried out by external independent authorised organisations. They analyse Maped Creativ box sets and assess their mechanical properties, flammability, chemical and electrical properties as well as hygiene. Parental attention is important. To avoid danger, toys which are suitable for the child’s age must be chosen, the instructions followed and associated warnings taken into account. For safe use, we suggest you read this information carefully and supervise children as they play.

Are refills available for Maped Creativ activity boxes?

Our activity boxes lead a double life: first they provide creative entertainment and then the crafts made with them provide entertainment. Cardboard toys, scenes, room decorations – your child will be proud of their results and will take pleasure in holding on to them. However, there are no refills for box sets at the moment.

How can I get in contact with your after-sales service?

If you have a question concerning one of our products, you may contact the store which you purchased the item from. You can also use the following link. For any question or suggestion which you’d like to share with the Maped Creativ team, please get in contact with us.

Do activity boxes contain everything required to complete the activity?

Yes, in 99% of cases Maped Creativ provides you with box sets which are “ready to use”. Children can open the box and start the creative process straight away. However, there are some exceptions in our range. This is the case for products which require batteries for example (a controlled product which we cannot include in our boxes). In these exceptional situations the additional product to be acquired will be indicated on the packaging.

Are the materials inside Maped Creativ box sets the same as those I can find in the stationery aisle and in my child's pencil case?

Yes, Maped Creativ is still a Maped group brand! We want to provide you with the exact same level of quality which you are used to from our collections of school and office equipment.

Who creates the themes for each activity?

The contents of activity boxes as well as themes and the graphic setting are designed by our teams based in Annecy, France.