FALL is the best time to make art for the FALLowing reasons;

  1. It is cool enough that you don’t sweat when you’re outside with your easel or drawing board.
  2. The ever changing colors make for perfect inspiration every day.
  3. Also, fall is the best time to buy art supplies!

Ironically before and after the huge Back To School sales are the best time to buy art supplies. Before the rush, you get the best pick, after the rush, you get the best deals because stores are trying to sell out of their now old product! So let’s make some fun fall art projects.


Fall art project using maped products

Fall art project using maped products

Fall art project using maped products

Step 1

Print out an easy-to-cut shape of an autumn leaf. Make sure it will fit on the eraser.

Step 2

Take the eraser out of its shell and tape the print out of the autumn leaves to the eraser. Make sure it is nice and firm.

Step 3

Using your craft knife, pierce the eraser with the blade. Do not drag the blade through the eraser, instead pull the knife out after every single cut and repeat. Make sure your cuts go all the way (or almost all the way) down then all the way back up and out. This will help when you try to remove the leaf from the eraser.

Step 4

Simply peel back the two sides of the eraser and pop out your new stamp! Don’t worry if there are pieces on the bottom that aren’t completely clean, as long as the lines on your leaf are straight you are good.

Step 5

Choose the lightest color you want to use from your Maped Brush Tip Makers and color the leaf in.

Step 6

Stamp immediately onto the paper. You can stamp it twice for a lighter shade.

Step 7

Choose a medium tone for your second color and fill in the leaf again.

Step 8

Stamp around your first leaves.

Step 9

Choose the darkest shade you want to use and fill in your leaf again with color.

Step 10

Stamp all around the page.

Step 11

Finally, use your brown brush tip marker to draw the tree trunks. You can choose to do this in a different style, perhaps using colored pencils instead to make it more realistic – totally up to you!


  1. For younger kids, have them color and stamp all around a page then cut out their creation in a shape of a leaf and paste on a contrasting paper.
  2. For older kids, have them create a ton of these leaves and string them up in your kitchen for some fun fall decor!