Title: Highlight of the Year

Type: Non-linear design 

Grade Rage: All 


A fun and easy-to-execute lesson plan great for students of all ages with minimal supplies!


Download the lesson plan in .pdf here



  • Maped Fluo Peps Pen Highlighters x5 [734027]
  • Maped Color’Peps Jungle Fine Tip Washable Markers [845422]
  • Paper (8.5×11 or 9×12)



  • The student will create a non-objective linear design with two primary colors to produce a secondary hue that creates movement and texture to establish an interesting composition.



  • Non-objective: No object
  • Linear: Design made up of lines
  • Primary colors: Red, Yellow & Blue
  • Secondary color: Green, Purple & Orange
  • Hue: Color
  • Texture: Surface quality (smooth, sandy, wiry, hairy, etc.) Movement: Lines lead the viewers eye around the picture area


Overview & Directions:

  • Have each student choose TWO Highlighter colors and ONE Fine Tip marker color. Give them one sheet of white paper 8 1⁄2 x 11 or 9 x 12.
  • Tell students to select one color of highlighter first and make marks on their paper
  • Taking the second color of highlighter, add more strokes to their design sometimes overlapping the first color to produce secondary hues
  • Next, take a fine line marker and begin to outline shapes of color and add more texture and details
  • Sign your name in the bottom right hand corner


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