Title: Special Event Cards

Grade Rage: Elementary


Download the lesson plan in .pdf here



  • Maped Watercolor Gel Retractable Crayons x10 [836310]
  • Maped Chalk Multi-surface Markers [743548]
  • Spray bottle for water
  • Maped Essentials 5” School Scissors [480110 or 480210]
  • 1 (or more) sheet of 5×7 manila paper
  • 1 sheet of 7×10 heavy paper, such as watercolor (textured paper is best)


Overview & Directions:

  • Fold the 7×10 heavy/watercolor paper in half to measures 7×5
  • Open up the fold to lay flat. On the inside, color the paper with 2-3 three analogous colors (Red/Purple/Blue, Red/Orange/Yellow, Blue/Green/Yellow, etc.) to get the most appealing blending
  • After the paper is colored, lightly spray the paper with the water until the Gel crayon pigments start to break down
  • With fingers, move the water around to blend the colors and make sure the paper is covered, if needed.
  • Fold the paper back in half, gently pushing down to squeeze the paint around to create texture.Open the card up and place the painted paper on the drying rack.
  • While the paper dries, take the 5×7 piece of manila paper and fold it in half.  Decide if you want your students to all pick the same shape or unique ones; this can be based around a specific holiday or season, or tied into another ongoing lesson on shapes
  • When the painted paper is dry, fold it in half. Place the heart shape in the middle, lining up the folded paper to the fold in the heart.
  • Leaving the heart shape down and holding it in place, begin to make dots, dashes, x marks, etc. But only pick one kind of mark to make. Beginning closest to the heart, begin to make marks repeatedly around the edge of the shape. Concentrate the marks closest to the edge of the heart shape. Make fewer dots as you move away from the shape so they gradually get farther apart as they get farther away from the shape.
  • In the center of the card, in the negative space left by the marks or dots, write a message using the Chalk Multi-surface Markers. Make your letters neat and easy to read.
  • When that is dried, make sure to decorate the front of the card as well!

Discussion Topics & Evaluation:

  • Evaluation: Did the students chose an appealing blend of colors to decorate the inside of the card with? Were they able to get any texture on the inside of their card? Did they respect the shape that they cut out of the manila paper with their dots/crosses? Does the writing and decorating on the card appear to be neat and attractive?

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