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 Discover creative sensory activities from an early age.

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Explore colours, materials & gives life to your creations.

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Colour & create your own games to play with your family.

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Illuminated Letters – Lesson Plan

  Title: Illuminated Letters Type: A lesson in creative lettering Grade Rage: 6 - 12   A scalable lesson plan great for intermediate to advanced students discussing the development of lettering over the years that is easy to adapt to whatever topic or age range is...

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Designs in Snowflakes – Lesson Plan

Title: Designs In Snowflakes  Type: Crayon Resist Art Lesson Grade Rage: 6-8   A fun and easy-to-execute lesson plan great for intermediate students that explores crayon resists and watercolor painting!   Download the lesson plan in .pdf here   Materials: Maped...

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Easter Eggs – DIY

Easter is fast approaching 🍫 why not try this fun Easter craft activity to keep little hands busy when the Easter egg hunt is over! 1- Download and print the patterned template, or print the plain template to colour yourself! 2- To make your Easter bunnies, you will...

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Your creations

Child creativity has no limits…

Share with us the creations of your mini artists!