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Halloween Frankenstein Project

Many of us know about Frankenstein, but few know the actual story of Frankenstein. The basic overview of the story was that, Victor Frankenstein, who was a scientist,  wanted to create life itself. So he stitched together parts from dead bodies of criminals executed...

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Mandala Symmetry Project

Our brains love symmetry. Our world loves symmetry. Why? There is actually a science behind it. But I'm no scientist so I won't dive into it! 😛 Let's instead dive into creating some symmetrical art! WHAT YOU WILL NEED: You can find the products below at Amazon, Dick...

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Pop Art Project For Kids

The Pop Art movement aimed to blur the boundaries between "high" art and "low" culture. If we were to truly follow the pop art movement, we would be drawing pictures of what we see in today's advertisements or people in the media, however, we are taking a spin off of...

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Your creations

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Share with us the creations of your mini artists!